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In previous elderscrolls franchise they always had a robust attribute system which suddenly, got cut off from skyrim. Now this is not the main issue but I would like to point to one particular attribute (Will Power) which I think speaks so much about werewolves in skyrim compared to werewolves in morrowind. Werewolves in skyrim are basically the same, except for the fact that one particular group of people have full control over their beast form (Vilkas suffers a little bit tho) – the companions. Now to the point. Lycanthropy is a supernatural/magical disease, a curse so to speak. In morrowind, the attribute of will power dictates the resistance of individuals to magic and lycanthropy being what it is, I think it is safe to assume that those of the companions are actually highly magic resistant. They have willpower that can overcome the calling of the beast blood. I took inspiration from this and added this feature to beast form:

    [*]Will Power – Once you enter the beast form for the first time this will be added to your passives, granting you 50 magic resistance( I assumed 100 willpower which equates to 50 magic resistance) both in human and wolf form. *note, this only applies when you first undergo the quest PlayerWerewolfQuest which is after you enter the circle.

    [*]Damage Resistance – already added by dawnguard but I just increased the scaling and added this to requiem. (Armor starts at 200 at level 10 below then scales upward upto 600 at level 50)

    [*]Armor Penetration – Checkpoints method. 1-30 grants 25% AP, 31-49 grants 50% AP, at level 50 above 75% AP.

    [*]Racial trait added to Werewolves that is consistent with lore. Werewolves now have 75% frost Resist, they do UNHINDERED damage to GHOST Type actors as suggested by an ESO article about werewolf claws that could damage otherworldy creatures (need more research on it tho), and passive 25 % magic resist ( with the will power passive a PC player and his werewolf followers including companion werewolves wil have 75 % magic resist in beast form)

    [*]NOTE: will power also applies to werewolf followers that you  made using IAFT redone mod. 

    [*]AP scaling and Damage resistance scaling applies to UNIQUE NPC werewolves such as AELA and followers made into werewolves using IAFT redone mod (example are housecarls) 

    [*]I Deleveled Aela and Serana so they benefit from the AP scaling and damage resistance scaling. House carls have no problems since they level with the player from the requiem base game.

    [*]All racial changes to werewolves apply to all npc of course.

Conclusion: this makes npc werewolves tougher and a little bit stronger if you yourself want to fight lore-friendly werewolves. Having control of the beast blood now reflects on NPC’s  and the PC separating them from lesser werewolves who dont have full control of their beast blood. (I did not apply the AP to normal werewolves)

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