Requiem – Mining Make Noise and The Choice is Yours – Script Patches

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I don’t play with Requiem anymore, and for a long time. Moreover, I’m switching to SE now. I decided to upload these patches for fans of little things and consistency.

If there is no mention of these things in Requiem changelog, then it is compatible with next versions. It is possible that this is compatible with all versions of Requiem. If Requiem comes out on SE or you port it yourself, it’s compatible (just scripts, dude).

source included

Requiem – Mining Make Noise


This is a script from Mining Make Noise with minor Requiem changes included.

Requiem – The Choice is Yours


This is a script from The Choice is Yours with minor Requiem changes included.

This does not include the Perth NPC record, script only. But you can probably patch it yourself.


all this should be placed after the original mods.

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