Requiem – No More Gold Weight Shenanigans

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I was very unhappy to say the least with how the Requiem devs handled the gold weight system post Requiem, effectively forcing gold weight upon players instead of simply adding back the MCM option. Not only is gold weight extremely bothersome on its own, especially so without a banking system, but it also makes no sense from a realism perspective, especially in a medieval setting such as Skyrim’s. Why would you bother doing quests for random people that would promise you gems as rewards; the gems could be fake, and then you’d have to get them upraised, then find merchants that would be willing to buy them from you at a good enough price to warrant even doing such quests in the first place. In any case, I don’t like that new system one bit, and so this very small mod is my attempt at removing it from Requiem.

So I decided to address this with this very small mod that revert all changes they’ve done regarding the gold weight system, being septims weight itself, gems being lighter, and quest rewards giving gems instead of septims only.So what you can expect from this :

-Septims have no weight

-Gems have their normal weight back

-All quest rewards, radiant or otherwise, including the last Dark Brotherhood quest, give full gold amounts again instead of some gold and gems.

-I decided to keep gems in gold pouches because I felt like it was a nice addition. I believe you do get less gold from them, though, as a counterpart to this.

-I decided to keep gems from bandit death leveled lists because I thought it was a nice addition as well.

I haven’t tested this fully, so if you see anything amiss like a quest reward not behaving like it’s supposed to per 1.9 standards, please let me know.

No incompatibilities that I can think of except for mods that modify gems weights/values. Just load below Requiem.

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