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[font=Trebuchet MS]Requirements[/font]
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Important: KFR – Kryptopyr’s Fixes Reqtified and COR – Crafting Overhaul Reqtified are not required, despite Armor with Sleeves supporting them. That is intentional, in fact I suggest not to use them: both patches aren’t up to date at the time of writing, so this patch won’t support them for the time being.


This patch reqtifies Armor with Sleeves to integrate its armors into a Requiem playthrough as if they had been part of the game all along. As mentioned in the Requirements, the patch is designed for a load order that includes Minor Arcana and doesn’t include KFR and COR.

On top of the reqtification, this patch also includes fixes and improvements.

In detail, this is all this patch does:


    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]adds fixes from USLEEP (one of Requiem’s requirements) and Skyrim Supplemental Patch (not at all required, but I personally recommend it)[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]renames hide armors to “Hide Armor with Heavy Sleeves” and “Hide Armor with Light Sleeves”, less specific names that can easily be applied consistently to other armors with sleeves (for example, in other patches…)[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]reqtifies stats to be slightly better than their vanilla counterparts, to take realism in consideration while keeping the armors balanced (for example, Banded Steel Armor with Sleeves is still weaker than Steel Plate Armor, even though it’s the strongest in this mod, being banded and sleeved)[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]reqtifies recipes (perks and items required) taking into account the balance of the armors[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]disables recipes specifically related to Smithing Perk Overhaul and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade, but keeps most of CCOR’s conditions, to keep some support without requiring any mod (for the future, basically)[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]replaces CCOR’s breakdown recipes with Requiem’s[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]keeps support for WAF and Guard Dialogue Overhaul as far as keywords are concerned[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]distributes all armors into leveled lists and outfits that have their vanilla counterparts[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]adds enchanted versions of all armors and includes them in the appropriate leveled lists[/font]

    [*][font=Trebuchet MS]other fixes and improvements (fixes two missing recipe outputs and adds one alteration recipe to convert Hide Armor with Light Sleeves to Hide Armor with Heavy Sleeves)[/font]

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Load order

In case you are unsure about where to sort this patch in your load order, I suggest to put it after Minor Arcana, but before other Requiem patches that modify the leveled lists and outfits that include iron, steel and hide armors, especially if they are big. This way you’ll be less likely to cause issues to them: the worst case scenario is that you’ll encounter less armors from this mod while playing.

In any case, load this patch after Minor Arcana.


If you use my other patch, Requiem Patch – The Book of UUNP Bodyslide, there are conflicts with this patch regarding leveled lists and outfits. To solve them, I made a version of this patch (two versions actually, one for each version of that patch) that fixes all those conflicts: requires that patch (version 3.0, skimpy or “no skimpy”), so it must be loaded after it.

Credits and thanks

Credit and thanks for Armor with Sleeves to DrMonops and to the other modders listed in the Credits of that mod.

Credit and thanks to the Requiem Dungeon Masters for Requiem – The Roleplaying Overhaul.

Credit and thanks to snbcj and axonis for Requiem – Minor Arcana Reborn (R-MAR).

Credit and thanks to Arthmoor for Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.

Credit and thanks to brytag for Skyrim Supplemental Patch.[/font]

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