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Hello everyone, i made this patch for personal use but thought i’d share it with you all in-case someone might like my personal edits to Skyrim Underground to fit into Requiem and Lore-friendliness, if you find yourself exploring the undergrounds with my mod installed, please do let me know what you think or any feedback i can get for balancing the spawns as i currently think it might not be balanced for smooth gameplay properly.


    [*]I believe playing Requiem comes with needing everything to be lore-friendly.

    [*]Finding things like scorpions in Skyrim didn’t feel lore-friendly at all to me.

So what did i patch?

    [*]I’ve replaced almost most enemies added by this mod to vanilla counterparts by hand.

    [*]I’ve given enemies i decided to keep proper Requiem stats and attributes.

    [*]I’ve added 1 new creature type using Vicn’s creature pack: Mushroom Infected Spider (cuz it looks cute)

Note: I might work on expanding the description more but i feel thats the jest of what my patch does.


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