Requiem – werewolf gameplay and lore rebalanced

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As a preference, I took the liberty of actually de-deleveling Aela and Serana so they would be as strong as me in beast form at the end game. On a side note, only a few followers in requiem level upto 50 even your housecarls cap at 40 or 30. So if you are using the multiple marriage mod of dudestia then you can personally create a pack of Greater Werewolves ( I refer/think of the roaming WW’s in skyrim as savages therefore they are lesser WW’s).

The concept/reasoning/lore for the changes

Werewolves in Requiem are quite powerful both human and beast form however come late game they fall off quite a bit even before that I reckon. Lorewise, Requiem and skyrim seems to establish Werewolves that can control their transformations as part of the common rubble wherein fact lore suggest/implies otherwise. 

The Companions are very powerful warriors with a noble spirit strengthened by battles and forged by honor and glory., yet at some point they realized that without relying on magic they are very limited and thus sought out for new non-magical power(pseudo-magic in this case similar to thu’um and all of its derivatives). They stumbled upon the curse of Hircine and utilized it properly. When you enter the companions for the first time, Kodlak comments about the strength of your spirit and then he proceeds to give you the first trial in order to join, and during the quest to cure him (his spirit) you battle with his wolf spirit. This concept suggests a very powerful idea, an idea that the beast form is indeed tied to the spirit and thus implies a possibility that the spirit could evolve the strength of the beast form. The curse is like a weapon gifted by the Daedric lord with an additional requirement that the user should be able to control it in order for him to get the full potential of the power. Whether you play as a dragonborn or not(usually all of my playthrough are non-dragonborn) you are the PC and thus you are a little bit special in terms of potential only limited by your will. like a weapon the curse should be stronger the stronger the user is. It is only logical in this manner. In SUMMARY, you should not be compared to lesser werewolves that cant control their urges and your noble spirit should be able to control the beast form and mutate it to the point that it is your own weapon that grows stronger as you do. 

I introduce one of the most simplest mods out there – this mod. This introduces non-linear scaling of armorpenetration, damage resist and, magic resist for the beast form as well as rebalances for the human form.

In human form:

    [*]the PC gets 50 frost resist

    [*]25% stamina regen

    [*]10 carry weight

    [*]10 unarmed

    [*]25 stamina

    [*]25 health. 

In beast form:

    [*]75% FROST RESIST consistent with the already existing passives of werebears but for some reason not applied to werewolves. Lorewise this is just logical, you are a were creature of the tundra… 

    [*]ARMOR PENETRATION, with an intial AP of 25% and at level 31 you get 50% and at level 50, 75%. this is similar to what IE’s have. Lorewise, your claws and your body as a beast is a gift from a daedric prince and thus the substance from which forms your body should be similar to Daedric steel, making it imperative that your beastly claws get AP and are very tough. 

    [*]DAMAGE RESIST already existed since the release of dawnguard with 50 every 5 levels capping at 350 at level 50 but apparently left and not carried over to requiem. I changed this a bit by giving an initial bonus of 120 at level 10 and increases by 60 points every 5 levels upto level 50, capping at 600 damage resist. this is like wearing an untempered plate armor with low heavy armor skills if im not mistaken. Lorewise or logically this just implies that your flesh, overtime gets stronger and tougher. 

    [*]MAGIC RESISTANCE. Let me lay out the lore from Bethesda themselves(the link is so long and im kind of lazy so just google it), Hircine was always associated with magic resistance through the elderscrolls franchise. The prime example, saviour’s hide in morrowind gave 60 magicka resist, in oblivion 25, in skyrim 15 but adjusted to 25 in requiem, finally in elderscrolls online it gave a whopping 80 percent! tho it consisted of three gears or equipment. Nevertheless, this speaks volumes about the association of werewolf hide with magic resistance. In congruence with this, I gave a non-linear magic resist starting with an initial 25. At level 30, you get a bump making magic resist at 40 and would continue to increase by 10 points up until 41(every 5 levels). at 50 another bump capping magic resist at maximum resistance available at 90. Again lorewise, this is possible AND IN MY OPINON NOT IN ANYWAY NOT LORE-FRIENDLY AFTER ALL, HOW MANY HIGH LEVEL PEOPLE ARE THERE THAT HAVE FULL CONTROL OF BEAST FORM? FROSTMOON PACK? WELL THEY ARE INCOMPARABLE TO THE COMPANIONS.

    [*]This scaling method, for me makes it worthwhile to level your PC because there are “checkpoints” where you get a power surge. at level 31 and 50. the power surges are very abrupt and drastic too. this makes a level 40 werewolf very different from a level 50. 

    [*]To add to all of these “Werewolves in Skyrim have less fur than the Bloodmoon werewolves, their arms are longer and possess more strength.” -


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