Requiem – Xivilai. Invisible Entity Replacer

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When Xivilai were first implemented in Requiem apparently there were no models available, so the new NPC was (temporarily) made invisible.

These “Invisible Entities” (IEs) have become a well known part of Requiem.

Some people like the challenge of fighting powerful invisible enemies.

Some people hate the Invisible Entities and consider them to be a bad design decision, and a bug that should be fixed.

This mod makes the Invisible Entities visible. It draws IEs as Xivilai – powerful blue-colored Daedric humanoids which appeared in TES4 Oblivion.

Load Order

Place the plugin after Requiem.esp, so order is:


  Requiem – Xivilai.esp


For the Xivilai model: Xivilai – Mihail Monsters and Animals by MihailMods

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