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The meshes and textures are compressed in the .BSA format. You will have to extract them. I use fo3archive:


  This is a retexture of the imperial fort which uses the red ruins texture from The Witcher 3, which I borrowed from LorSakyamuni´s The Witcher 3 mega resource pack. There are also some pieces from ratway`s thieves guild and nordic ruins.

  There are no exterior meshes and tileset is not complete. I don´t really feel like working on it anymore, this is something I made for my private use and will be included in my upcoming dungeon “The Haunted Castle”. I liked the result and decided to share it so you who are looking for new dungeon tilesets can make your own stuff.

  This is a modders resource and they are not ingame yet, I added an .esp file for you to check it out. Install and activate the mod, run skyrim, open console and type “coc AAAredfort2” for a crude sample of what can be done. And… yes, there is  an AAAredfort cell, but it is glitchy: I made a copy of fort Amol, which has bound spaces, and the walls get invisible when you get away from them. Anyway, it is still useful to check the mod.

 Credits of the textures goes to Lor Sakyamuni apud. CDprojekt. You may use, modify and redistribute this as you wish since you give us the credits and don´t make any commercial use of it.

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