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Are you a roleplayer who ever wanted to try a Necromage Vampire character, but found the sheer effort involved in terms of character planning or skill grinding to ruin your immersion? Are you a powerleveler who wants to recreate a favorite OP build, but have been putting it off for too long because, quite frankly, hitting Restoration 70 ASAP (and all the other things that come with it) gets more and more daunting the longer you put it off? Do you simply want to try a Necromage Vampire build without all the hassle involved in figuring out which perks to take when, which quests to avoid, and all that other stuff?

Then this is the mod for you!


It streamlines a Necromage Vampire build by allowing the Necromage perk to retroactively effect perks and permanent abilities that are normally boosted by the Necromage Vampire build, freeing the player from tedious grinding or careful character planning, with the exception to Steady Hand. Steady Hand will NOT be affected if taken before you acquire both Vampirism and Necromage.

Nothing from the DLCs are included because, as far as I know, nothing in the DLCs wold be appropriate for this mod. That means: no new player perks, and no new abilities given as quest rewards that are impaced by a Necromage Vampire build. If I’m wrong, let me know, and I’ll release a fix.


It runs a script in the background that checks if you have Vampirism and Necromage once every five seconds or so. This script is kept on a loop, but the script is small enough that I doubt that you will see any  performance hit. Once you have both Vampirism and Necromage, it will check to see what abilities and perks

you have taken, and if any of those are affected by the Retroactive Necromage build, replaces them. THIS  ONLY CHECKS FOR COMPLETELY PERMANENT EFFECTS; any preexisting effects from armor, potions, standing stones, etc., will be ignored, and you will need to manually reset those effects (such as temporarily switching standing stones or unequipping and reequipping armor).


As you likely know, this mod will not do anything if you have the current build of the unoffical patch. In addition to this mod, you will need to download a mod that undoes the fix performed by the Unoffical Skyrim Patch.

I would recommend either the Skyrim necromage counter Fix at or the Revert Necromage Change in Unofficial Skyrim patch at if you do not already have something that undoes the USKP fix to Necromage.

In addition, this mod does not fix the bug with Steady Hand for a Necromage Vampire build; I fear that “fixing” the perk may cause unforseen conflicts with other mods. However, this mod will not retroactively affect Steady Hand 1 and Steady Hand 2, so if you want them, take them before acquiring getting both Vampirism and Necromage.

Finally, big thanks to ReDragon2013 and npdogg on the Nexus Forums for helping me grasp with the scripting needed for

this mod.

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