ReZero Followers Rem and Ram

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Re Zero: Rem and RamLocation: The Blue Palace in Solitude

Wardrobe Provided By:

CBBE HDT – UUNP HDT Bodyslide for Full HDT Maid Outfit with Cleavage by ColonolNutty

Skin Textures Provided By:

Fair Skin Complexion Created by HHaleyy

Tint Mask Provided By:

01 Tintmasks Created by darrentstone

Makeup Overhaul v1.0 Created by HHaleyy

Face Parts Provided By:

Eye Normal Map Fix By Mr Dave

MM – Real Eyes Created by MassiveMaster

Improved Eyes Skyrim Created by missjennabee and Nazenn

Pretty Face Darker Eyebrows Created by tktk

Mouth Textures Created by HHaleyy

Hair Provided By:

by Summerdew Kalilies and Stealthic

Body Meshes Provided By:

Enhanced Female Head Mesh – Vanilla and CITRUS Heads By DomainWolf

BodySlide and Outfit Studio Created by Ousnius and CalienteFile credits

- Caliente- Ousnius- ChronoTrigger77

- stuffed_bunny- btn2k3 for kicking off the Unified UNP project

- Halofarm for the Unified UNP feet and hands

- HeroedeLeyenda for helping with the HDT setup or UUNP Special

- Each of the creative minds that made one of the shapes UUNP consists of

- Groovtama for the RM Morph scripts and XPMSE as the OS reference skeleton

DIMONIZED UNP female body Created by dimon99 Creation:

RaceMenu Created byExpired

Enhanced Character Edit Created byECE team (tktk1)

NifSkope 2.0 Dev 7 by jonwd7

NPC Nif Merge Created byTurulo

Creation Kit[/url] By Bethesda


TES5Edit Created byElminsterAU and the xEdit Team

DDSopt – Optimization of DDS Textures Created byEthatron

Optimizer Textures (Ordenador) Created byAdPipino

7-Zip[/url] free software with open source 

Skyrim Script Extender[/url] (SKSE)


Mods used for Screenshots:

Kwanon ENB

Screenshot Hotkeys – SHOT

ENB Helper

ENB Particle Patch



Particle Rings

Aethersuit by Halofarms

This mod is Opt-in for the Make-A-Wish Foundation

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