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Race: Nord

Class: Mage

Level: 25

Location: Nightgate Inn

KS Jewelry by Stealthic Khaos

Witcher 3 Female Armors UNP by zzjay

CDprojektRED for witcher3 models

MoogleOutFitters[/url] for YenCiri dlc missing skirt and detailed normalmaps


Kalilies and Stealthic – KS Hairdos 

Mature skin texture and body for UNP(B) 7BASE CBBE Vanilla by Maevan2

The Eyes of Beauty – LogRaam

[/url]Caliente_ Ousnius e Jeir – belos corpos de Caliente Edição -CBBE- 

Hvergelmir – Brows 


Corpo feminino DIMONIZADO UNP[/url] by dimon99


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