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I’m done with his PT for now, so I thought I share him with you guys!


What you will need:

Lovely Hairstyles*


DCE _ Realistic Male Face

Ethereal Elven Overhaul

Less Harsh Elves

[/url]The Eyes Of Beauty


Smooth Body textures for Better Males and SOS          

*I used the GeraltV7F v1a Hairstyle. However it’s female only. So you’ll have to change that.

-install the mod

-open the Skyrim Creation Kit

-load the Skyrim.esm, Update.esm, LovelyHairstyle.esp

-click “Set as Active File” and then “OK” – you’ll get a bunch of warnings, simply click “yes!

-if everything is loaded go to Character -> HeadPart -> female -> HeadPart

-search the Hairstyle, double click on it, change from female to unisex

-save & close the CK

After you load his preset you have to skip to Complexion Slider 1.

Have fun! ^^

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