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“I am born of a rank which recognizes no superior but the Lord.”

– – – Contents – – –

Richard Plantagenet “the Lion-Hearted” was King of England from 1189 until his death in 1199. Being most widely known as a fearless warrior king who left his mark on the world during the Third Crusade and having become popular through the Robin Hood mythos, he now fights by the Dragonborn’s side.

– – – Technical/Gameplay – – –

Richard uses the vanilla follower system and is fully compatible with AFT. Though I don’t use iAFT, EFF or any other follower system mods, he should be seamlessly compatible with them as well, but I’m unable to provide support for any issues related to those.

He is able to be married (forgive me, Berengaria), and should be able to do anything that any vanilla follower can. In combat, he favors melee weapons, and does not use magic (which can be customized with AFT or your follower system mod of choice). He is marked as essential and uses the MaleNord voice type and the vanilla Breton race, so any male body mods you have installed will affect him.

By default, Richard wears the light variant of his crusader armor and wields a Steel Sword. This can be changed as well with AFT etc., or in TESVEdit/the CK. His armor can be tempered at a Workbench with Steel Ingots, and can be obtained via console commands with “help Crowned Warrior“.

Richard can be found in the Blue Palace in Solitude and can be recruited immediately.

– – – Notes/Trivia – – –

The appearance I gave Richard is based both on his effigy in the Abbey of Fontevreaud near Chinon, France, and on his dashing portrayal in Doctor Who – The Crusade (1965) and Ivanhoe (1982) by my favorite actor, Julian Glover. Inspiration has also come from Grave Digger’s song Lionheart (1998).

His historical self was a Norman, but in-game he is a Breton as opposed to a Nord. He looks better that way, in my opinion.

The sword featured in the screenshots is the Noble Sword from Relics of the Reach (see below).

– – – Future Plans – – –

Custom voice work

Armor-matching shield

Saladin, perhaps?

– – – Installation – – –

Drag and drop the files into your Data folder and activate Lionheart.esp. Sorting your load order with LOOT after installing is recommended. Please make sure this mod is placed above anything that modifies the Blue Palace in your load order, otherwise any modifications from other mods will be overridden by the Blue Palace record in this mod.

– – – Highly Recommended – – – Relics of the Reach

Better Males (NSFW)

Better Complexion (Version 3.2) Superior Lore-Friendly Hair Xenius Character Enhancement – – – Credits – – –

Medieval Surcoat Armor by Lizard2176

Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate by LordBaraban

Cleric Armours of the Nine Devines – Credo StandAloneMod by ArctusReus

If any of the assets’ creators request that this mod be taken down, I will do so.

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