Riften Sewer Hideout

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More Colorful Critters 

Over 150 more critters to shout at. 

More Colorful Clothing

adds over 300 female clothes, shoes, boots, sandals, wedding wreaths, and gloves to the game all craftable

More Colorful Alchemy Plants

This is a resource with a small sample mod to show you what the plants look like in the game. Each plant has a corresponding ingredient. The sample plants are behind Jorrvaskr.

More Colorful Shrooms

This is a resource with a small sample mod to show you what the mushrooms look like in the game. Each ‘shroom has a corresponding ingredient. The ‘shrooms in game are on the road in front of Pelagia Farm.

More Colorful Ferns

This is a resource with a small sample mod to show you what the plants look like in the game. The plants in game are on the grounds around Jorrvaskr.

Markarth Botanical Gardens

An eye candy mod with a living area, new alchemy plants, and a new world space to call home. Live there, hunt there, or harvest and run. 

Falkreath Overlook Farmhouse

A small house above Falkreath with lots of landscaping, new alchemy plants, and crafting and storage areas. 

More Colorful Trees & Shrubs

Tree resource with a small sample mod to show the trees in game. Look on the road between the western watchtower and Whiterun stables.

Riften Well House

Argonian house next to Riften South Gate. Inspired by Wolverine Hall Well House by Korana for Morrowind. 

Solitude Tree House Shack 

(optional General Stores compatibility) 

Small house with a lot of landscaping on the island next to Solitude Sawmill.

A Place to Stay

Inspired by “A Good Place to Stay” mod by Simstar for Morrowind. Adds a Dwemer house next to Pelagia Farm with mannequins for each of the types of armor in Skyrim with quite a few to spare for armor mods. 

Fallout 3:

More Colorful Clothing FO3 Edition

Fallout NV:

More Colorful Clothing Fallout NV Edition

Fallout 4:

More Colorful Harvest & More

Adds wild plants, planters, terrariums, aquariums, benches, tables and more to the crafting menu. 

Food Drive Favorites

Whatever happened to all those cans of beans anyway? 

More Colorful Bathroom Art

Which is correct, over or under? The world may never know.

More Colorful Commonwealth

Adds a little color to the grasses of the Commonwealth

More Colorful Fishy Stuff

More Colorful Potted Plants

More Colorful General Merchandise

Skyrim Special Edition:

Dunmer Ranger Armor SE 

Adds 5 sets of light armor, each in the colors of a Dunmer great house

More Colorful Clothing SE 

Adds over 300 different clothing, & shoe options for vanilla female body, also adds a few options for males

More Colorful Critters SE 

over 300 different kinds of critters & plants to harvest

Skooma Activism Outfit 

There has been a push for the emperor to legalize skooma in Tamriel, show your support with a legalize skooma shirt

A Place to Stay SE

Jaxonz Blink Teleport SE 

Porting of my favorite spell to SSE

Markarth Botanical Gardens SE

Riften Well House SE

More Colorful Auroras 

Makes the northern lights of Skyrim more vibrant

Solitude Treehouse Shack SE

More Colorful Solitude

Makes the Blue palace a bit more, well, blue

Riverwood Basement 

Small player home under Hod & Gerdur’s house in Riverwood.

Left Hand Mine Shack

Dark Dawnguard Armor

More Colorful Bug Jars

Dark Ancient Falmer Armor

More Colorful Ferns SE

More Colorful Trees SE

Largashbur Wise Woman’s Hut

Ivarstead Overlook Manor

Dragon Bridge Boardwalk

Darkwater Hot Springs Shack

RIften Fisherman Shack

Green Briar Manor

Falkreath Overlook Farmhouse

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