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Hi there,

So I’ve always liked the idea of forging your own god items (legitimately), y’know, without BS resto loop and all that. Sadly I’ve been rather disappointed with the legit options available, so I came up with the idea of making a mod to forge my own god item. This is used for my mage playthrough, and therefore the god item in question is a mage-oriented ring. 

So, what this mod does is add the god item, which must be forged using secondary items that is found in a rather difficult (I hope) dungeon to access and fight through. There’s no quest for it, so no quest items, markers, nothing. This is meant to be HARD so that when you eventually do get your hands on that god item, it feels like you’re earned it.

This is my first mod, to host on here incase my computer goes down and I lose my hard work, and I honestly don’t expect any downloads. As such there will be no support from my side if you download this and things go wrong (as frankly I have no idea what I’m doing and will probably make things worse). Similarly, if you do download it, please feel free (if you are so inclined) to fix any bugs you see and send it back, or re-upload your own version, I really don’t mind.  

Requires Dawnguard and last update of Skyrim. Should be compatible with everything.


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