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Jade is a BEAST! She comes with a custom color of Garryg’s Improved

Daedric Armor, 2 Akaveri Katanas and killer dual wield/ 1H perks

From The Pen of Rolonce’ Stormcaller, who discovered the Lost Cavern Of Prophecy –[/font]

[font=Tahoma]”[/font][font=Times New Roman]There is a bit of contest when it comes to the fourth maiden of the Last Prophecy. 

The most common belief is that it is the Topaz maiden. This maiden is listed in the story of the last battle as being beautiful, wearing orange colored armor and twin daggers. Other records have her listed as the Tourmaline maiden; Different name but  still very similar.

 Even more mysterious is that recently unearthed texts describing the battle does not reference either of those, but instead makes note of a totally different person…A Jade maiden, a fair skinned maiden who had light green hair and eyes, and spoke a different language than anywhere in Skyrim and used light green armor and brandished two swords simlar to the akaveri, which moved like the wind[/font][font=Tahoma].”[/font]

[font=Tahoma]Noone really knew what to make of this information, But recently a woman of this description, complete with a strange green armor and dual katanas, has been spotted in Riverwood, by the Riverwood Trader.

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– All DLCS


– A follower framework unless you want Jade being your only follower – I use EFF + DLP + RDO


Nickyxylr for letting me use his Akari Sculpt from 

Garryg for the armor used in this mod –   

Massive Master for her custom skin and eyes – check her out at        

Asherz’ MAFK used for this follower –

[/url]The Radiate style from KS Hairstyles –


Racemenu –



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