Rise Again – Patching EnaiRim and Death Alternative

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What it Does

Rise Again converts all resurrection effects in EnaiRim (including the Wintersun beta) into DeathAlternative events, resolving the compatibility issue between the mods and allowing users better control over the order in which these abilities fire, or even allowing them to choose not to proc them at all.

Installation Instructions 

    [*]Install the mod using your mod manager of choice.  Overwrite where prompted.

    [*]If you don’t use the full EnaiRim package, use the optional files instead of the main file

    [*]In the Death Alternative MCM, manually register quests on the first page, close the MCM, and wait for a ‘DA Ready’ message

    [*]Verify the new events are active on the ‘On Bleedout’ page of the MCM.  If you are using the optional files, you will need to set priority manually (I recommend giving the Lover Stone priority over 50, and the rest under 50)

    [*]That’s it.  You’re done.

Known Issues

    [*]Sometimes, Arkayn Cycle can trigger if you quickly get knocked down after being abandoned by Arkay. (maybe a bug)

    [*]In high script latency environments, it may take 1-2 seconds after the prompt before you stop taking damage to bleedout HP (not a bug)

    [*]In extremely high script latency environments, you may revive only to be immediately placed back in Blackout without taking further damage. (not a bug)


BralorMarr, for developing the Death Alternative Framework and providing documentation on how to create new content using it

EnaiSiaion, who made all of the mods I’ve ported to the Framework, and has actually made Skyrim worth playing for me for many years past its expiration date.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95472

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