Riverwood Bridgehouse

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A new house lies across the river in Riverwood, past the woodcutting area, across a bridge. The house requires a key that can be acquired if the player goes through the quest line. The story revolves around an adventurer, Marius Caro III (grandson of Marius Caro, count of Leyawiin), who’s parents moved from Leyawiin to Helgen. When they died, he moved to Riverwood where he built his own house and became an adventurer. He recently found about a treasure that an unknown king hid in a tomb close to Riverwood named Tomb of Sacropha. 

The quest is started by reading Marius’ first journal which lies on a table on the porch of his house. The player will need to follow Marius’ footsteps in the tomb and uncover what happened to him, and see if the treasure is still there and to find the key to his house. The player will need to unlock puzzles by deciphering riddles associated with them. These riddles can be found written in notes in the room where the puzzle needs to be solved, left there by Marius. Be prepared to take time for this.

 The final treasure is a unique item in game that is fairly powerful for early play and can suit all type of classes.

 The house itself looks like a normal Riverwood house on the outside and the first level inside, but the basement is  a bit special, containing Marius’ chests to place his loot.

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