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A STANDARD HOME Located in riverwood i know riverwood not a ideal place for a player home but it is peaceful and its a open town it does have standard shops

the home is a copy and paste home of the blacksmith home in riverwood with few changes in the inside

1.removed some rugs from first floor

2.added a food respawn chest on shelf on first floor (food respawns every 24 hours)

3.redone the whole bottom floor

4.all the blacksmith stuff on second floor instead of the outside

5.added some chest on second floor

6.alchemy and enchanting tables on second floor


1.add smelter

2.add walking path to get over the water

3.add outside items to make look better

4.POSSIBLEY add another room that contains ways to get to other towns

5.maybe change the look of the whole inside

6.maybe add a annoying npc that does nothing (lmao) (most likey this wont happen)

7.Armor stands with armor with custom stats,enchantment ect..

8.add more details for alchemy and enchanting table (ingredenting, soul stones ect..)

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/98067

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