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Adds the two main characters in the main series might add more followers in the future.

I made this for my play-throughs as Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater. 

They are both located at the College of Winterhold. Royce is located by the windows. In between the main hall and the dorms. Hadrian is right by in the middle of the courtyard. I probably will put him in a betterplace when, I add gwen and maybe arista essedon (alric along with arista) Note. The appreances might be different from what you imagined them to be, but They aren’t to off. I also modified the height and scale of the characters to be more inline with the book. 

Royce Melborn Stats:

Race: High Elf

Class: Uses daggers mainly but also bow sometimes. 

Armour: He’s wearing nightingale armor. He comes with a set in his inventory so you can temper with it. Idk nightingale seems like the perfect fit for the characters. It’s shadowy and there can only be 3 members at a time.

Weaponry: I might add nightingale bow into his inventory. but Mainly it’s just some daedric arrows and mehrune’s razor.

Leveling: He starts at a high level with maxed skills.

Hadrian Blackwater

Race: Nord

Class: Uses Melee (Dual Wield Swords) & Bow

Armour: as i mentioned before he uses dragon-scale Armour. I figured that he shouldn’t have just leather armour (as he’s depicted in the books) And it wouldn’t make since for him to rock elven or glass armor. Dragon-scale was the only choice that fit his character. Glass armour is a bit to flashy atleast when i was playing my playthrough before i got access to dragon-scale it just felt off.

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