RM-COR preset -4 (AB)- by Zer02

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This preset was compiled from the two previous ones I created (1 and 2) + made some special changes, I will tell you about them in more detail below..

=) I like the actress Charlize Theron (as some actors and actresses,such as Kathryn Romary Beckinsale),but this time I stopped at the facial beauty Charlize,took the help movie Atomic Blonde))

This preset does not have a clear purpose to copy the appearance of any actor,the changes I made in order to make something less similar to the rest of my presets.

I remind you, I do not impose my interests on anyone.

This preset does not bear the purpose to offend anyone or to defame his honor.

This material is posted in order to get acquainted with my hobby work.
This version of the preset carries changes in order to eliminate the problem of applying standard makeup.

Status of changes : testing required.

The problem with the outer corner of the eye (outer eye slit) remains uncorrected.

Moreover, in the screenshots I showed the difference in the use of compatible fashion for eyes and incompatible,as well as vanilla (which comes with the race COR)


for manual: 

unzip the archive,extract the contents to the root folder of the game

for auto install (NMM)

Use function : 

– add mod from file

– activate the added mod in the mods window



Charmers of the Reach


KS Hairdos – Renewal

The Eyes Of Beauty




Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/99163

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