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Roblox OOF Death sound



This is modified version of miken700’s Scream of Wilhelm mod. It uses the same framework he/she used, but the Wilhelm Scream is replaced by the Roblox death sound.

The ID names have been changed to allow this mod to work independently. It took me hours to get it to work properly since I have very little experience working with the CK.

That being said, this is compatible with miken700’s mod.

I also highly recommend using and endorsing miken700’s mod as well!


Variables can be modified using the command console to adjust how often NPCs and creatures emit the OOF sound upon death.


– open the console (“~” or key in the upper left)

– type “help robloxoof” (without quotes) to view the current values and aids in finding the correct spelling of the variables.

– type “set RobloxOOFchanceNPC to 50” to set NPC chance to 50% and so on.

– type “set RobloxOOFchanceCreature to 50” to set creature chance to 50% and so on.

– close the console (the same key used to open the console)

– the settings will be saved when you save your game

– Setting Details

– RobloxOOFChanceNPC

– chance that humanoids (NPC’s) will OOF! upon death

– Default is set to 20% (same as mikken700’s). Can be set to 0 (disabled) to 100 (100% chance)

– value is saved in save-files

– RobloxOOFChanceCreature

– chance that creatures (all non-NPC’s) will OOF! upon death

– Default value is set to 5% (same as mikken700’s). Can be set to 0 (disabled) to 100 (100% chance)

– value is saved in save-files


Should be compatible with Mikken700’s Scream of Wilhelm mod. I use both in my playthroughs and they work fine.

Note that if both mods are set to 100% chance, the game will choose either of the two or use the vanilla death sounds.

I am not sure if this will work on SSE, but go and try for yourself and let us know how it works out.


Install via NMM or MO (I use the latter). You can also install manually by extracting the files into the Skyrim Data folder.


Use your mod manager to uninstall the mod. For manual installations, you can simply delete them. There are no scripts in this mod.

Permission Notes

Mikken700 already declared his mod as part of public domain. As such I make no claim to this mod either. Feel free to do with it as you wish.


– Roblox for providing the iconic scream (which has gained meme status)

– Online Audio converter: (I had to convert mp3 to wav instead of just renaming the extension to get it working)

– Mikken700 for providing the original mod (download and endorse his/hers!)

– Bethesda

– Nexus mods (

Original URL:

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