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IntroductionOn this page, you will find a collection of my writings for Skyrim. Most involve some aspect of esoteric lore. All are lore-friendly, but sometimes stray from “wiki-accurate” depictions into my own take on how a real scholar might interpret the source material. I tried my best to write from the perspective of someone who actually exists in Tamriel, who would certainly not have access to every scrap of knowledge about the universe, so please forgive any deviations from wiki pages.

I intended at one point to include these in a full-fledged quest involving a romp through some planes of Oblivion (and even went so far as to write a full script for said quest), but I simply don’t have enough time lately so instead I’m releasing the books on their own. I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading them as I did from writing them.

I have a few more ideas for books from some of my other characters and will probably upload those here when I get around to finishing them, so please track the page if you like my work!

Books & Where to Find ThemAll books may be found in the College Arcanaeum, and are also added to the leveled lists (by script) so you should see them in the world and at vendors occasionally. Additionally, there are a few placed here and there throughout the world in a lore-friendly manner which should fit seamlessly with the vanilla game.


A tale of adventure, forbidden knowledge, and perseverance in the face of great evil for the sake of love. Follow Alistair as he and his sister Cambria undertake a journey the likes of which has not been seen since the time of Morian Zenas, into the depths of Oblivion itself…

Approximately 21,000 words long (the length of a short novella), and split into 9 books.

Undoing the Dawn:

Seditious? Perhaps. Treasonous? Some would say so. A compiled critique of the established view of Talos in mortality and Divinity, and a theory on the true aims of the Thalmor.

A single book, perhaps slightly longer than the rest of the in-game books.

Permutations of Man:

An examination of the study of race and the soul through the Ages. At times historical, otherwise metaphysical, this book is bound to be the subject of controversy.[/i]

Also a single book, and again only slightly longer than the norm.

Compatibility Et al.Placement of the books may conflict with mods which edit the following cells:

    [*]The Arcanaeum

    [*]Heimskr’s House

    [*]Candlehearth Hall

    [*]Thalmor Headquarters

    [/list]The conflicts are likely to be minor, but if you have a mod which edits these areas and are concerned, please download the “Rodryk’s Books – No Placement” file instead of the main file.

    Load RodryksBooks.esp above any lighting mods in your load order.

    Besides that, this mod should be compatible with almost anything. Adding to the leveled lists is handled entirely by scripts, so there are minimal record conflicts.[/left][/color]

    Known Issues

    No known issues at this time. Please report any issues you find.

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