RohZima Immersive Animated Poses II (for PoserHotkeys)

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[font=Times New Roman]Description

This is the new version of RZIAP for PoserHotkeys

I advise you to track this page, because it will be updated regularly

I want to keep adding new idle animations till TESVI is out

All the poses are animated, usually it’s just a breathing animation, sometimes more

You must have PoserHotkeys to use this mod


If you have the original IAP which uses Public Poser, just uninstall and delete

You will need PoserHotkeys installed to use this mod

Just install the usual way, ensuring all the files copied across, then run FNIS

When you load up your game, go to the PoserHotkeys MCM and pick my poser pack

Scroll through the poses with the hotkeys

Other Stuff

Number of animations currently: 192

Bugs: The Stall animObject sometimes causes CTD

This version does include all the previous animations

If I missed anything I’ll put it in the sticky, check there for more info

On the alter of Talos Temple in Windhelm there is a (sort of) reference book

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Hope you enjoy



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