Rolenity The Last Sister of Norrath

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She is Rolenity, the Last Sister of Norrath, the world in Everquest. 

3 Years ago:

Rolenity was a high Elf living in the wood elf city of Kelethin on the world of Norrath. One day the city was besieged by orcs. The orcs commenced a massive slaughter of the wood elves. Rolenity’s parents were killed while trying to defend their city. The city’s mage created a portal and instructed Rolenity to enter it. She quickly did so and was teleported into an alternate dimension. His plan was to teleport her to Felwithe to be with other high elves; another city where she would be safe, but that was not to be. The orcs overran the mages temple in Kelethin and killed him before he could finish the location incantation, and the portal closed.

What Rolenity didn’t know was that the same thing was happening on the world of Norrath in two other parallel universes. Goblins had overrun the half-elf warrior tribe of Kelathon in one world, while in the other the Iksar was attacking the high elves of Kulithin. 

What Rolenity also didn’t know was that in both of these worlds, the city’s mage had opened a portal and their version of Ro had also gone. Their mages also suffered the same fate as Kelethin’s. A portal opened in the same location at the exact same time in three different dimensions – As a result the space-time flux threw all three… into Skyrim.

Present Day:

Rolenity stands in the dark cavern, smelling nothing but death when she hears the voice. “Well, well…this is a surprise. What has fate brought me today? I can tell you are blind, but surely you can smell the death that surrounds you. Why would you ever come here?”

Rolenity stood straight and proud. “I was told that only the vampire queen, the TRUE vampire queen of Skyrim can help me. I am Rolenity, the last sister of Norrath, and  I seek out Ryba Stone.”

The voice was surprised. “The Ruby maiden? Why would you be looking for her…more importantly, why do you think I can help you? And WHY do you think i WOULD? You sure have left a good amount of bodies for me to clean up now”, addressing many headless vampires that no doubt compose a trail started at the entrance of this lair.

“I know of her tale” Rolenity spoke. “…of how she was attacked by vampires, and how she was almost turned, but was saved by the magic of the Shyeri clan. I know that YOU were the one who bit her. Surely if the vampire queen herself goes after someone, that person must be of importance to her. I doubt you would let her out of your “sight”, as it is.”

The voice was silent for a moment, then quietly spoke, “Why do you seek her out?”

Rolenity, with a strong quietness about herself, made her intentions known. “Revenge. She has enslaved my sisters, and I will not stand for it. They must be freed, and she must pay the price for her evil actions.”

Now those who know the story of the Gemstone Prophecy will know that Ruby found both Rolaryn and Rolanna, and with her magic transformed them into Emerald and Sapphire. However, Rolenity was never sought after. She was left alone; maybe Ruby didn’t need her….noone knows for sure. 

”Hahahahaha” the voice cackled. “Do you mean the Emerald and Sapphire maidens? Those are your sisters? This is quite a tale you weave, child. However I know full well of it….would not be the vampire queen of Skyrim If I did not. I will help you this once…and I will tell you where she is… or where she will be. It seems she is on the way to Whiterun, but it may be a few days before she reaches the border.”

Rolenity, with her anger now rising, struggled to keep calm. “Thank you, vampire queen. I will take leave and ask only that you let me leave with my life, so that I may enact my holy revenge.”

The voice was sure “Of course. Make no doubt, I just wish to see what happens. I’m sure it will be…entertaining, at the least. Now be gone. I have another guest.”

With that, Rolenity left quickly. A few minutes later, steps were heard. “The queen spoke as one with authority. “I know you are here…show yourself.” With that, a figure stepped out of the darkness.

“Diana. I wish to speak with you,” The girl said. Diana looked at her, not too happy. “And how many soldiers of mine did THIS visit cost? I’m growing tired of this…but I am very intrigued. Come closer.” As the figure approached, Diana could now see who was at her throne. “Oh my, you have got to be kidding me. The divines must be pleased with me or something… A visit from the one and only RUBY maiden?… this is indeed my lucky day. So, Ryba Stone… what can I do for YOU?”

Rolenity comes with Norrathian armor – Armor, boots and gloves. It is light elven armor wth enchantments for magicka rate, heal rate, and 1H fortification.

Her sword, Norrath’s light, is basically a renamed Dawnbreaker.
She can be found at the bridge leaving Riverwood on her way to Whiterun. ATTENTION: If you want her looking like the pics, get these mods:

Spice Gear:

AMidian book of Silence:


Shadowfake, since the nina preset was originally used in Rolaryns construction

Asherz, for the heal spell (hope its working)

Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture 8K 4K 2K by Regenbot03 –

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