Rosee Divine COSIO HDT and CBBE HDT Preset

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A long long time ago in the Year 2016 the world was gifted with a cascading and voluptuous PAWG that is Rosee Divine. Long Since retired… we are left with her memory of ass modeling. Her ass wasnt just a large ass, it was well-shaped and full, her thighs thick to proportion, a curvaceous figure, and hips designed to birth triplets simultaneously. 

Well I’ve decided to attempt to cultivate this master crafted curvaceous ass to success via bodyslide. I made 2 Files for two different bodies:

CBBE HDT – Make sure you have CBBE:

Clams of Skyrim Innie Outie HDT – Make Sure you have COSIO:


I recommend COSIO HDT body because its everything CBBE and more (More Sliders = Better Craftsmanship)

The COSIO preset has small details that make all the difference in the hips and lower section.

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