Royal Vampire Armor Replacer For Female

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This Mod Created to fix that silly looking Vampire Royal Armor from Dawnguard DLC for Female Character, it will replaced by Vampire Leather Armor By Singlebelong, i use this mod for personal use at the first place, but i think i gotta share it with all of you,. Really big thanks to him for gimme the permission to use his asset for this mod.

This mod has no ESP so its friendly mod, it will replace Vampire Royal Armor, Vampire Gloves, Vampire Boots, so make sure u wear 3 of them, it use UNP base body for female, feel free to comment this is my third mod, IM NEW, im not even using creation kit to make this mod, this is noob work mod, hope you like it and enjoy your new look armor !!!


Since this mod has no ESP like the original MOD, when u switch to 1stperson looks, the gloves will appear the looks of vanilla Royal Vampire Armor, its not a bug, since this mod has no esp, its normal since i dont use creation kit

Serana Appear with only Vampire Royal Armor and Vampire Boots, DONT PANIC,  u just need to gave her vampire gloves to make her wear a full set of this mod

Original Mod :

Vampire Leather Armor


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