RR Beatrix Armor for UNP

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RR Beatrix Armor for UNP v1.0


 This MOD adds Armors from A certain game.



 Armor                                  4colors

 Gauntlets                            4colors

 Boots                                   4colors

 Guard(38slot:Calves)        4colors

 Mantle(52slot)                   4colors

  These are equipment equivalent to “Orcish equipment”.

  These production and strengthening are almost the same as “Orcish equipment”.


 overwrite Meshes and Textures folder,and esp file /Skyrim/Data/

 and activate esp file.


 Entrance of Whiterun town.

 These enter the chest near the rampart.


[At the end]

 Please use these when good though these are not so good.

 The modification and the re-distribution of these files

 are prohibited.

 I wish to express my gratitude to Skyrim and you.



 1.0 Mod released

 Presented by Reira

It is not met your request in my terrible English.

I’m sorry.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/96546

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