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In all of its glory alongside with new effects from Enb binary 0.366——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

[font=Georgia]Brief summary:

[/font][font=Georgia]What started as a simple tweak in the colour of sunrays, ended in a completely new ENB. So I started posting some pics and people told me that it looks good. So I thought – Why not release it. So I did. Enjoy.



Weather Mod: Technically compatible with all of them but was initially built on NLVA[/url] so please use that. But a little experimenting never hurt nobody.

Lighting Mod: Also should be compatible with all of them but once again the interiors were tailored and tweaked for ELFX.

Get the Particle Patch, Subsurface Scattering Patch and the Ice Shader Fix from here . 

which you should already have, considering it’s pretty much mandatory for every enb.

– OPTIONAL REQUIREMENT[/url]  Download Aeon ENBS – Data folder, in the Files section. Get this ONLY if you want the water to look exactly like mine does, which I do recommend, simply because it looks great. ([font=Georgia]Should be loaded very last in your load order[/font])


    [*][font=Verdana]Download all the files from the requirements[/font]

    [*][font=Verdana]Install them via your Mod Manager of choice[/font]

    [*][font=Verdana]Let LOOT sort it out[/font]

    [*][font=Verdana]Download my ENB from the Files Tab[/font]

    [*][font=Verdana]Put all of its contents into the main folder where Skyrim.exe is located[/font]

    [*][font=Verdana]Enjoy 😉[/font]


[font=Verdana]Disable the mods you installed in your Mod Manager and remove all of the contents of the ENB. I’d suggest using this nifty little tool ENB and ReShade Manager[/url] for removing all traces of ENB. Don’t pay attention that it’s on the Skyrim SE page, it works on multiple Bethesda games.



[font=Trebuchet MS]Was made with performance in mind. But as we all know it’s different for everybody. Take into account that im using a GTX 1070 and personally run it at 40-60 fps, use that as a guideline if you want to.

[/font]- CREDITS

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Thank you yemaowuxin for letting me use your ENB as a foundation.

Thanks to BrosisJK for the banner.  

[/font][font=Lucida Sans Unicode]And thank you to some people who tested out the ENB and gave feedback.[/font]

So I hope you enjoy it. If you do, don’t be shy and leave an endorsement.

(Your pictures, comments/feedback is greatly appreciated).

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