Rudy HQ – Falling Leaves and Needles

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This is some kind of a everlasting WIP project. At least until I get bored by this game 😉

Straight from the Heart Quality overhaul of in-game falling (and windy) leaves and needles effects. Comes in two variants, for an ENB users and for a Vanilla game.

HQ textures and tweaked particles.

Decreased glowing for the Vanilla version.

If you use ENB, the brightness of the leaves can be controlled in the [PARTICLE] section

How it looks in action, you can see here:

Performance impact – unknown. The particles in the game are semi-transparent and have no depth, so if you use a DoF effect from ENB, they can be blurred, sometimes.

See the images section for a more details 🙂

Installation: Install it with a Mod Manager. For the best visuals use ENB.

SE Version soon 🙂[/font]

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