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This is some kind of a everlasting WIP project. At least until I get bored by this game 😉

Straight from the Heart Quality – more light sources for the ENB users (sorry, but only for them). This mod utilizes a new “ENB Particle and Fire Lights” feature. Requires 0.365 binaries or newer. Adds a light sources, with different colors, to the arrowheads, for the daedric, dwarven, ebony, elven and glass arrows. See these videos for a more details 🙂 SE Version soon 🙂 Installation:

!!! “EnableComplexParticleLights” must be turned on in the Effects section [font=Verdana](ENB UI)[/font] and “EnableBigRange”in the [COMPLEXPARTICLELIGHTS] section !!!


Because I did a tweaks only for a meshes, this mod is compatible with all the texture overhauls, but not with the mods which change the nifs.

A special thanks for Mindflux/artem1s, author of a Skyrim Partile Patch, for his help 😀[/font]

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