Rustling Riften Leaves

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Riften leaf pile replacer, with freshly fallen colourful aspen leaves and an animated mesh that gives the illusion of some of the leaves blowing gently in the breeze.

Brings new life to a drab city. New textures are 2k, new meshes are higher poly than originals but should not impact performance. The animation on the two larger leaf piles is subtle to not be distracting (watch for it!). Smaller piles do not have animation.




– colourful version

– muted tones version



Extract the archive into the Data folder or install with your mod manager of choice. Enable the .esp.



Contains no scripts so is safe to uninstall at any time. Uninstall with your mod manager or simply delete the esp and bsa from the Data folder.



Will not be compatible with other mods that touch the leaf pile meshes/textures unless loaded after.

May or may not be compatible with ENB. Sorry, I don’t use it and can’t test.



The meshes and textures herein have been created by me and are not to be used in other mods.

Do not upload to any other site.

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