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(Non-native speaker so sorry if I fail)

Hi, we all know creating male character is not easy as females..(There is not much mods for males I mean) So I have created my character and I actually liked..So I asked my self why wouldnt I share it? Some people like to keep their presets for self use but Im not kind of that I like to share…

It actually for S.A.M users. If you want this preset on pictures(I mean same looking) you need 3 mod.

First is racemenu: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29624

Second is Sam Light :https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/60-sam-light/[/url]

Last Sam Light Texture addon :https://vectorplexus.com/files/file/152-sam-light-texture-add-on/

[/url]Optional: KS hair and Apachi male hair..

You can find last 2 mod from here : https://vectorplexus.com/

[/url]Thanks to Vector and KouLeifoh for their works and efforts.(Actually Im not familiar with these thinks so warn me if I do something wrong)


First you need to install racemenu after Sam Light and last one is Sam Light Texture addon.(Overwrite texture addon to sam light)

If you are SOS user and afraid of using SAM I can understand but face and body from SAM and it has scholong so if you want same character you need to use it.

(Its best male body mod for me)

If you are using HDT vagina you can dowload low polly hdt file from here(just look at posts you ill find it if you cant send massage to me) 



Its breaton preset but Ill put head into folder so I think you can import head from racemenu scupt menu. If you have rought texture for male face for breaton just install sam light textures and after that go male files and copy them into breaton male files.. Then you will get smooth face. Also I you need to install my preset manually but its so easy just go data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen 

Put your Head here after go data/SKSE/Plugins/CharGen/Presets then put lucifer.jslot file here..

If you dont have those files you can create them.

I hope I dont miss anything..And I hope you like it.

Original URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/97572

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