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Wanna feel good while downloading mods? The mod will always be FREE.

Just download the mod and a part of the DP proceedings (if any) will go towards helping these wonderful charities! Now read below and Enjoy the mod! DESCRIPTION This mod adds a new follower, Sabrina. She comes with a Custom CBBE HDT body. There are two versions – one All Natural version and the other is the Armor Version.

You can take your pick. She is waiting for you in the Hall of the Dead, Whiterun. I hope you have fun!

– Assassin

– Essential

– Marriable

– Levels with the player

– Her own RaceMenu Preset

– Her own Bodyslide Files


Version 1.0

[/size]- Compatible with all CBBE HDT Body Types

– Body Physics work out of the box

– Bodyslide Files for Armor

– Default Meshes for Armor version replaced with CBBE HDT meshes

– Default Meshes for All Natural Version replaced with CBBE HDT Meshes

– Compatible CBBE Textures applied to both versions


No Special Requirements. Just plug and play if you have a CBBE setup already.

As ususal all mods can be installed without any requirements, unless it is hard-wired, but it is recommended to use the mod with said requirements to get the intended effect INSTALL / UNINSTALL

- Install or Uninstall using any Mod Manager[/size]

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