Sabrina follower UUNP HDT

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This mod adds a new follower, Sabrina. She comes with a Custom UUNP HDT body. She is an Assassin, essential, marriable, levels with the player.

Nude or armored versions available. On optional files you can find her Racemenu and Bodyslide presets.

She is waiting for you in the Hall of the Dead, Whiterun. I hope you have fun!

Zonzai for Real Girls Texture

[/url]Kalilies for KSHairdos

LogRaam for The eyesof beauty

hellosanta for SGfemale eyebrows

Caliente forBodyslide and outfit studio

expired6978 forRacemenu

User_29658810 forCustom SnapDragon Prime ENB

tetrodoxin forSnapDragon Prime ENB

123check forStoneheart Studio

Malfdawg for UUNPconversion

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