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If you’re like me and have been disappointed with the vanilla slaughterfish, then this mod is for you. Skyrim’s slaughterfish have the proportions of a giant tadpole. This mod replaces the vanilla slaughterfish skeleton with a new custom skeleton meant to give the slaughterfish of Skyrim a more realistic and immersive appearance to more closely resemble the Alligator Gar of North America.  Working within the confines of the vanilla mesh, I adjusted the head, jaw, fins and tail of Skyrim’s slaughterfish to give them a more realistic appearance!  These new subtle changes to Skyrim’s slaughterfish have transformed them to more closely resemble their North American cousins, and turned them into apex marine predators that could rip a man to shreds.  Now you can enjoy encountering realistic and man-eating slaughterfish throughout the province of Skyrim, immersing you even more into the word of Skyrim with every encounter! 


More realistic then ever before!

Combat and animations still work perfectly!


Salty Slaughterfish uses a custom skeleton for the Vanilla Slaughterfish and will overwrite any mod that makes changes to the vanilla Slaughterfish skeleton.  Mods that make sweeping changes to vanilla skeletons e.g.”Realistic Ragdoll and Force” should be compatible as long as “Salty Slaughterfish” is installed after those mods and allowed to overwrite their files.

Should be fully compatible with any texture mods, since this mod contains no textures of it’s own only a skeleton.  Which also makes it compatible with most other creature mods that do not edit vanilla skeletons.

[ [ [ INSTALLATION ] ] ]

Recommend using Vortex or your favorite mod manager.

Install “Salty Slaughterfish” after any mod that makes changes to the vanilla Slaughterfish and click “Yes to all” when prompted to overwrite any files.

 There is no “.esp plugin” with this mod.

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