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There are so many beautiful presets for female characters on Nexus Mod page, but in my opinion, there is still too little male presets – and I’d like to contribute to this matter.

I created a High Elf character named Sarren and then I thought “He looks quite OK, maybe someone is looking for this kind of preset and I can try to help them“.

So here it is, a RaceMenu preset for High Elf character. It also works fine with Wood Elf character (but please, better don’t use it on other races, I have tried it and my eyes regret it). Screenshots of both races with this preset are included.

Mandatory requirements (in order to achieve the same look) are listed below (I believe you can choose any body type though, but the most important thing is face type). I have no idea how this preset would look like without these mods so please install all of them.

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Requirements [/font]



The Eyes Of Beauty

Better males (in Files tab i picked “Underwear – Default” for body and “Faces – YoungerFacesMergedWithMenByGeonox” for face)

KS Hairdos – Renewal

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]How to install

[/font]I think you could install the mod file with Mod Manager but it’s very simple to install it manually.

Download the mod file and unzip it to Skyrim folder. The path should look similar to this one: Skyrim>Data>SKSE>Plugins>Chargen>Presets

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Small Q&A

[/font]Q: Why is he so ugly?

A: Aw, please, don’t hurt his feelings like that ;-;. When I was creating him, I did it for my taste. But then again, each to their own and I respect your opinion.

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Permissions[/font]

Of course you can use this preset in any way you like and change the look so it suits your taste even more.

If you will place this preset wherever on the Internet, or use it as a base for your character and change the look a bit, I would be very grateful if you mentioned me as a creator of the original preset, thank you!

All beautiful armors and clothes seen on screenshots are from mods:

Apachii Divine Elegance Store

aMidianBorn Book of Silence for a better vanilla armor look

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