Sasuka olmost done

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Sakura olmost full

IS high elf.

I wide with empire, werewolf, daunguard(not vampire).

KIll dark bratherhood(assasin guild)

Is olmost done i done all quest have and and vizit/go in all place but i no ful done civil war (imperialvs rebel)

I no done that because have 1 bug, game no give the quest i must attack wintherhold, even if i use cheat command, i mean setstage…    still no work.

MY char have very high lvl and my item have all anchant with high atributes, if you no change them.

OF course i use mods in game, that must not be problemo for you if you use.

Have a nice play.

I put version 1.0 because is not matter in this file details

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