Savage locals of Skyrim

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Enemies who attack on sight, they have a bear pet so be careful, dont play hero against them.

Lore: they are the nords who dont live in cities or towns, they have a bond with the black bears of Skyrim, they’re tough and bitter 

and they deffend their territory with their lives.

They patrol an area near Riften and an area near Windhelm (in the path towards Korvanjund), they respawn and they also replace some spiders across Tamriel.

they are level 3, you can take them down one on one, but they are almost never alone and their bear will attack you too.

I made them by having in mind an ancient customed tribalist faction of bear type of berserkers, they live in hiden locations and roam certain areas they consider sacred to protect them from anything or anyone.

Higely agressive, if you have just started and are level 1, they will crush you. (specially the bear).

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