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This is my SaveFile for Skyrim with the main quest completed


-No sides yet choosen, but Ulfric has MyCart (pun) and Imperial Guy has Riften. (i think, those were my choices)

-Yes the Greybeards Dragon is alive and well, i used a console command to complete the quest.

-After Seasons Unending i left the Blades quest so you can do that still.

-Already joined the companions, but no missions done.

-Got house on Whiterun with no upgrades. (yeahhhh the chest is pretty full of stuff, sorry about that)

-Saved at the top of the mountain when you finish the game.

Skills and Usages:

-So my character is called Thor (Nord), obviously focused on a combat build, so :

           Heavy armor, Two handed, Restoration, Lockpicking, Alchemy and One handed.

-Sneak has not been used at all, so level 15 ish on both Sneak and Bow.

-Smiting is at about 47. ( i might have made about 200 gold rings (which i later dropped).

Cheats List . I tried to do this without cheating but got bored so here’s the list:

-Player.setav Speedmult 200(300)

-Player.setav carryweight 1000

-Player.additem 0000000f 3000 (for the house, i had 2000 already)

-Player.additem 0005AD9E 100 (gold ingots) (I used this to make 200 rings , which i then dropped away, just needed a bit of smiting)

P.S: No cheats were used to offer advantage over the game such as TGM or Adding high level armor. Everything you see in the inventory was either looted or bought. (apart from the dwelven battle axe, that was crafted)

Lastly I apologize for the pictures, i cant take screenshots with my laptop on Skyrim, Nevertheless Enjoy 😀

This save file contains Mods, which were never used apart from character presets for men and a special character for the dragonborn, you can use Showracemenu (consolecommand) to change the looks to normal skyrim, but i dont suggest changing anything else since it might screw up the skills, im not sure tho.

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