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Do you know the feeling of having literally >300+ save games that take gigabytes of data on your harddrive? This program will clean those save files for you!

Requires Java 8

!!! The files that will be cleared are called: “Save NUMBER – NAME LOCATION DATE.ess/skse” !!!


1) Download the jar file to a ‘save’ location (some modding tools folder)


2) Add the jar as an executable (click on the drop down menu, click add, typ in a sexy name)

3) Modify the arguments:

Argument 1: path to your save folder (“C:Users*yourname*DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim”)


Argument 2: the margin (the amount of saves that will remain)

It should look like this:

-jar "locationOfTheFile" "locationOfYourSaves" SomeSexyNumber

For me its:

-jar "D:ProjectsJavaProjectoutartifactsSaveGameCleanerSaveGameCleaner.jar" "C:Userserri120DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim" 10

The program will always create a log file located in the same folder as the jar file (log file is called SaveCleaner.log). Be sure to look at it and see if everything worked.

If you think that this java file is something dangerous than you can get the source code here[/url].

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