Sea Dragon – A player Home Ship

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Hey guys! Decided to share here a mod I’ve been working for a while. This mod adds a ship nearby Solitude docks. It can be used as player home and also is compatible with Hearthfires DLC.

The ship was originally made for my Ahlalia Follower, since she’s a pirate and she has her own ship. You can get the Standalone Follower with the ship and her crew here |actually it’s not ready yet|. (The follower version includes packages for her and her crew, this one is a “lite” version haha)

To make this your own player house you need to install Hearthfire multiple adoptions and cast the bless home spell. Then you will be able to live with your children and spouse in your own ship 🙂

The key to the ship can be found inside the urn outside the ship in Solitude (see screenshot)

Redania Ship in Windhelm by mypilzzes

Zebsi  for helping me with the scripts

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