Secundas Kiss Cabin

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                                Welcome to Secundas Kiss Cabin

This is a single room Log cabin overlooking the Giants camp of Secundas Kiss and a view over nearly all the Tundra.

I made it originally as a Follower home but it also serves as a starter or secondary home for the Player.

The layout inside and outside is practical and cozy and quite minimal; the bed is not Player owned because it was intended as a possible Follower home. The GS version has the single chest inside swaped for a GS master chest. Obviously that version requires General Stores.

Couple things for “full disclosure”: The cabin is fully navmeshed inside and out and the exterior navmesh links to the vanilla landscape navmesh. I tested it extensively with different followers and it all works smooth. However if you run the mod through TES5 you will get the dreaded “found deleted navmesh” warning. I did not actually delete any but that does not matter if the game thinks I did and it cannot be undone and could have been caused by a number of things while making and connecting the navmesh.

In theory this can cause mod conflicts, but unless you run a mod that plants something on this same cell that is highly unlikely and like I said I have used this mod for awhile now on different characters with followers and never had an issue. Therefore I am not going to remake the navmesh from scratch or the mod for that matter; as with any mod use at your own discretion. 

There is also a certain ring hidden inside the cabin that is a
cheat as it normally requires a quest to get it; (that quest sequence is not affected by this).

If you find it you will howl for joy… I am deliberately vague if you want a spoiler or hint finding it let me know.

The images were taken with texture mods loaded for Solitude and Whiterun by zhoulia that affected the look of the cabin, without those the cabin looks less colorful but I highly recommend her work.

Hope you will enjoy this cozy cabin and many thanks to Stroti for his wonderful cabin resource!

Thanks also to Bethesda for giving us Skyrim and the means to mod it.

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