Septim Imperial Steel Armor

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                                                       What it Does:

1. Will Replace (by the .esp File) the Imperial Medium Armor and modify the Steel Imperial Boots with new ones that look the same but different. 

2. Replaces The Actual Imperial Light Shield Mesh in the Data folder (imperialtrooper mesh) back that up if you like.

3. IN-GAME The Medium Armor Curiass will be replaced (studded imperial) with HEAVY armor named imperial Steel Armor as well as the Light Bracers renamed Imperial Steel Gauntlets and Heavy armor the Boots named same Imperial Boots the Helmet (default medium) named Imperial Steel Helmet Heavy armor as well the Shield normally called Imperial Light shield is renamed Imperial Steel Shield and is HEAVY armor as well.

4. Skyrims Debut Light imperial and “medium” Armor use almost Identical same armor 🙁 so Light Armor looks the same other then gauntlets, the Medium armor is NOW heavy armor WHILE the heavy armor bulking one is still there 🙂 same with tullis armor his still there too 🙂

5. The weight and name of the armor comes from the Morrowind scale off Uesp and now to answer some basics 🙂

[line]                                                                 Questions and Answers:

Q. does this use any tes III assets?

A. No made it from scratch even the females armor Studs hand placed horses hand colored took forever but worth it.

Q. Will I have to start a new Game?

A. Shouldn’t and would pop in place soon a respawns are made.

Q. Is there Anyone with it in-game?

A. On level list medium armor only so still get variety going on since the gauntlets are heavy but look light matches well.

Q. I have Imperial Armor replacer Already will this conflict?

A. YES AND NO it’ll switch out the medium armor and replace this tear in-game BUT will replace light shield mesh outside .esp file in you directory.

Q. You got your texture files spread out like wild-flower anything I should know?

A. Nope won’t replace any textures at all literally.

Q. Are you gonna make it Standalone?

A. Nope. 

Q. Why not?

A. I been waiting since Skyrim Debut to see this type of armor again so after 8yrs figured time to do it myself.

Q. Can I use a Imperial Armor replacer Mod with this one?

A. YES  I been using one too with this one, example I have a Mod that changes the Default helmets so this will work with that mod just will replace what I mentioned above, except shield it’ll replace the Light armor shield one no matter if you deactivate the .esp or not cause it’ll overnight the default Imperialtrooper.nif in the data directory. So yes if you don’t mind that.




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