Serana All In One

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Given the nature of what this is, it would be appropriate to knock this out up front

—This mod does not turn Serana into a modern day supermodel

—This mod  is intended to be customized and implemented as applicable before use

—This mod is a resource

AIOs are not necessarily all that known about. The benefits of using them are situational, but can be very powerful depending on the task at hand.  I was requested to share one of these and suggested to make it a resource

If you put this on in-game, you are Serana. If Nazeem puts this on, he is now Serana. While this is what AIOs can do, it isn’t really “the point” of them at least directly. HDT-like hair on SSE would be a conveivable example something of this nature could achieve. Do note, being an all-in-one, facegen data is blended onto this with no edits as they are intended to be tweaked and customized. If you wanted to “capture” Serana in full the shader data would need tweaking to taste. You could also replace these with TriData from many of the Serana face sculpts out there or another NPC entirely for a custom appearance


This needs to be used on either an Invisible Race or in tandem with methods that negate texture swap issues. Otherwise you may see unintended results


The plugin is basically optional since it is more about the meshes than anything. It provides a fully wearable armor piece of her as well as a placeable-by-console NPC using it. Dawnguard was made a requirement for the plugin only because those textures are necessary to see this in-game unless you repath

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