Serene – CBBE HDT Body Preset

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[font=Comic Sans MS]To have a character equal as much as it shows on images, you will need the following mods.

KJ Tattoos

The Coenaculi

TheHag tattoos

Norse Themed tattoos

Rutah tattoos

HDT Physics Extensions


KS hairdos renewal


Enhanced Character Edit

NetImmerse Override

Demoniac- High Quality Glossy Female Body Texture


[font=Comic Sans MS]Installation[/font]

NMM or manually will do the job, unless you’re drunk.

Please consider making some minor changes on your nioverride.ini located in DataSKSEPlugins.

Open nioverride.ini file, scroll down and find [Overlays/Body], make the following changes as i have: iNumOverlays=20 ; Default[20]

After that scroll down a little bit to find [Overlays/Face], then make the following changes: iNumOverlays=5 ; Default[5]

Then In-game, load the preset in presets tab.


Those changes will allow you to have more slots for your tattoos! Cool right?! Right?!

Well boys and girls, please endorse, comment, share, show me your screenshots or videos, i want to see you enjoying my preset!!!!

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