Sever – Edge -Dawnguard Twins-

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Skyrim version recommended to be or higher

Requires Dawnguard and XPMSE

The Dawnguard

They are an ancient order of vampire hunters, once retired but have recently been revived by Isran, now dedicated to eradicating Vampires throughout Skyrim.

Sever & Edge can both be located in the Windpeak Inn within Dawnstar

[About Sever & Edge][/b][/size]

Two Twins from a distant land lived a happy life, however their parents were killed by creatures of the night. They traveled and stumbled upon a man with the same burning hatred for these creatures, if not greater.

They quickly went up in the ranks, slaying legions of Vampires,

however nothing, not even revenge, seemed to fill the void.

Inseparable, it is said they have returned from their homeland by boat and had been seen near the docks of Dawnstar with some impressive weapons and skills…

Custom “Dawnguard Elite”armor,

Edge utilizes his enchanted Dawnguard Greatsword with 2-Handed Perks while Sever utilizes her Experimental Dawnguard Rifle, archery perks.

They work well as a team.

Recommend SOS

A skeleton replacer is required for Sever, or please replace her meshes in your own game with a UNP body.

Edge uses a modified version of the Female Mesh completed by Manjushage on Twitter

Thank you so much!

[Recommended Mods]

Follower Commentary Overhaul – FCO by terzaerian

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul – RDO by CloudedTruth

Female Facial Animation by nao4288


Custom head mesh edit by Manjushage

Smooth Male Body by urshi

The Well Dressed Mage by Earrindo

Enhanced Character Edit and SaLa Hair by tktk1

Better Males by Chris57

Eyes of Aber by Aberin

The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam

SG Female Textures and More by HelloSanta  

SG Female Textures Renewal by Hello Santa

HN66 Long Eyelashes by Humannature66

Karliah Armor 2 by Hentai

DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99

High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox

Tempest Armors by Nanigashitempest[/size][/size][/b][/size]



Besthesda for making skyrim

Thank you all!

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