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[font=Georgia]SEVERIN CASTLE

[/font]”Stories tell of a paladin of Stendarr who, after he had fulfilled his duty to the god, retired in the mountains near Markarth. His castle still lies atop the mount where he built it, perfectly preserved and lying in wait for its new residents.”


Any unique models or items this mod brings in are self-contained, so its only requirements are the base game and its DLCs. The only mods this one may conflict with are any that would edit the cells in and around Severin Castle (Tamriel Wilderness -27, 6 and surrounding area). I’ve made sure the new NavMeshes are clean, NPCs and mobs work just fine in the area.


NMM/Vortex: Download and install

Manual: Place .esp file in your Data folder, enable the file in your Data Files


I’m sure just uninstalling/deleting the mod would be fine, just make sure your most recent save file is not in or near Severin Castle.


Bethesda Softworks for putting together this legendary game over 7 years ago

Elianora for providing her custom resources to the modding community


Feel free to use this mod for your own experimenting. Do not reupload this or convert it to SSE without my explicit writ permission. If you find any bugs or make additions or fixes to this mod, please send me a PM. I would love to hear your suggestions and see your work. If you’d like to help me model a proper exterior to the house, I’d love to hear from you. Anyone who makes fixes or adds to the mod and contacts me will get credit where it is due.

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