Severin Manor of the Abyss

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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]”in pursuit of perfection, one must take care that the pursuit itself does not become all consuming”

–from “Ahzidal’s Descent” by Halund Greycloak.

This MOD add Portal to Sovngarde, Portal to Soul Cairn, and Perk Resetter(*) in Raven Rock

*The equipments appear at the final stage of Black Book: Waking Dream into Severin Manor 

[How to Use]

Two statues and one button will be added in center of lower floor. By activating them each features are toggled.

    [*]Statue on north side: Portal to Sovngarde

    [*]Statue on south side: Portal to Soul Cairn

    [*]button on the pillar: Perk Resetter


To use these, you have to finish main questline of Vanilla, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.

    [*]Portal to Sovngarde : finish “Dragon Slayer”

    [*]Portal to Soul Cairn : finish “Kindred Judgment” (either Dawnguard or Vampire side)

    [*]Perk Resetter  : finish “At the summit of Apocrypha”


DLC Dawnguard, Dragonborn and SKSE required.

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