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Live your life as a sexworker. Talk to npc and hope that they are interested in your body and your proposals. If so they will pay you, but only if they are satisfied with your performance! And sometimes a client runs to a guard and defames you. Become better and convince your customers to become patrons so they invest more septims in your services.

Play as a man or woman and earn your septims as sexworker. You will be rewarded for all challenges you complete. Make love and not war!

This mod is not really ready yet…maybe some time…maybe never…who knows…

But let´s say it is 90% ready yet and if I have some new ideas, it will be only ready to 70% or something like that.

And the apostrophe in the titel will never be ready! 🙁

[font=Arial]What you need:

– SexLabFramework (( 162 full ) ( it works for me ))

– SOS – Schlongs of Skyrim – 3.00.004 ( it works for me )

better some Schlongs-Addons ( because the size is different in differnt addons )

– SexLabArouesd_V28b ( it works for me )

FileAccessInterface for Skyrim

– Parent Masters: Update.esm, HearthFires.esm and Dragonborn.esm

Take the sslConfigMenu.pex file and the sslConfigMenu.psc from this download and swap them with those you have in your file from the original mod.  ( because swl needs some helper-functions to get the animations from SexlabFramework )[/font]

What you get:

– The ability to sort any animation in menus and decide which game type best suits which dialog options.

– The ability to customize any animation in terms of hardness and delay time. Because the hardness will make your life more difficult or easier!

– A pain-scan-system for aa, av, mf pv, mf pa

– The option to set a harm-level to the schlongs of skyrim which size is given by their faction-rank of sos.

– A lube-system, because lube saves your ass. ( and not just metaphorically )

– A plug-training-system, because training saves your a…

– A similar system as sos for men only for the female bush. ( 3 types of bushes so far )

– A dresscode-system for the player and for the client ( full control to what you wear during your service )

– A guard-scan-system, because it can be much more interesting to do something forbidden.

– A automatic-client-seeking-system, you can wait for your customers, and do nothing except staring at your own butt.

– A small reward-system for small goals that you achieve during your job.

– A lot of dialogs between you and your clients.

– A ranking-system for clients ( from casual to patron ( 1-11 jobs with the same client ) ) A patron will require services from you that are paid higher.

I’m from Germany, my English is not perfect: Thank you for your attention! 🙂

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